We took a hiatus for a while, and now we're back at it! Thanks for your patience, ABM fans. 

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We're shipping out issue #5 today! Be on the lookout for your copy...

Man, we haven't updated our news in a while!
We just released our Mosh cover, and are planning on going to print next week!
Thanks to Vestige Photography for such an awesome cover, and all of the beautiful 
ladies and talented photographers inside!

We're also going to attempt a "reprint" of some older issues. Since it's a way smaller batch
of printing, the cost per issue is way higher. However, we've had SO many requests for old
issues that we're going to give it a go. We are going to set a minimum goal, and if we hit it, 
we'll take that issue to print. If it doesn't hit the mark after a while, we'll give up and refund
the buyer's money. We know a lot of people are wanting copies, and we're doing our
best to make everyone happy! See our "buy now" page to check out the reprint info.

We've also got a lot more social media going! Check us out, and follow us!

#4 is in our hands, and we're shipping out! Get excited! We are almost sold out of this one, too!

It's here! Shipping starts tomorrow... and we're already at work on issue #4...

We're about to go to print! We've got some AWESOMENESS packed into this issue...

We can't wait until it's in everyone's hands! 

Issue #2 is sold out!
We're wrapping up final shipments, and in are in awe of how amazing this print run went!

Issue #3 is going on pre-sale today, and features Courtney Crave and Dynamite Dames!
Here's to another awesome magazine coming your way!

We are waiting for boxes of #2 to show up on our door, so we can start shipping out!
Until then... Here's a little teaser while we wait!

Ruby Collins is launching her music career, and gave ABM an exclusive interview...
Read all about her life, her album/EP, and her plans for the future!

5/2/12: Our second issue is currently on presale...
Featuring the fabulous Coco Letric and Miss Missy Photography!

4/2/12: We are officially sold out of issue #1!
They were in our hands less than a week! We've set a high bar, now, for issue #2...
Be prepared for bigger and better!

3/28/12: We're currently shipping out-- Be on the lookout for your issue!

2/22/12:  We're proud to showcase Ludella Hahn and Switchblade Betties as our first-ever cover.

1/2012: Our contest winners are:

First place: Kristina Paulk!

Second place: Katty Delux!

In a tie for third: Dayna Baby Lou and Voodoo LaRoux!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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